our custom foam & chair

via seating foam means comfort & support in every chair

every via seating foam cushion is injection molded into a contoured mold specifically designed by via seating. this ensures the same consistent shape, density, resistance & quality every time. these molds and foam formulation are proprietary to via seating.

in order to evaluate the resistance of foam, we use a resistance factor or energy absorbing qualities. good foam must provide resistance in direct proportion to the amount of pressure applied. in other words; for every pound of pressure applied, the foam must also provide a pound of pressure in resistance. The result is that the foam will not “bottom out”.

the measurement of density or volume weight will give another indication of the foam’s ability to resist weight. this unit of measurement does not necessarily translate into hardness but rather the feel you receive when you sit on the foam.

foam is comprised of a group of cells. the higher numbers of cells that are packed into a given area create a more dense area. as a result, a greater weight is also created. foam with a higher density is best suited for office ergonomic seating. because the foam is injected into a mold by us, we at via seating are able to control the density throughout any portion of the cushion. our foam is stronger & more-dense in the center of the seat pan & lighter around the edges so it does not cut off circulation in the body.

density volume weight is measured in pounds of cubic foot (or kilos per cubic meter (kg/m3)). via seating foam has the average density or volume of 3 pounds per cubic foot (48 kg/m3). standard flat foam has a single volume weight between 1.9 & 2.25 pounds per cubic foot (30 to 40 kg/m3). 

incredible environmental impact

every via seating foam cushion is injection-molded, cold-cured & is cast in a contoured mold specifically designed by via seating. this ensures the same consistent shape, density, resistance & quality every time. this process eliminates waste as each mold is poured to via seating’s exact specifications – no more & no less.

because we use a cold-cured, injection-molded process, this eliminates waste of raw materials, as we pour exactly the amount required to our exact specifications to fit the mold. in addition, we produce our foam in Norway – which is the most regulated country with respect to eliminating any environmental impact of production. the codes we comply with in relation to European manufacturing regulations are referred to as ‘DINN Standards’ – the most stringent manufacturing standards in the world today. 

finishing & chemical materials used: all adhesive material used by via seating is a water & saline based, a fast drying solution & requires no heating equipment or energy for drying or contains any chlorinated solvents that require special handling &/or storage. what little waste that is generated as the result of infrequent wood stain, is sent directly to a waste management firm for processing. internal solvent emissions are tested regularly for compliance with OSHA standards. via seating has held all of its facilities tested by independent auditor to verify the nonexistence on environmental toxins.

the 4 C’s of via seating foam: cold-cured, closed-cell

every foam cushion used in via seating products is manufactured by injecting a proprietary, patented foam compound into contoured molds that are specifically designed & engineered for via seating’s use. the finished cushions are then cold cured for maximum longevity & resiliency.

this injection process is computer controlled & allows us to vary the density of the foam at specific points within the cushion. the foam design & process allow for the foam to be stronger & denser where body weight is concentrated.  it is shaped & sculpted to support the body for maximum comfort.  the foam is lighter around the edges so it does not hamper circulation or cut into the body. this injection process also ensures a consistent shape, density, resilience, & quality with little or no waste or damage to the environment.

this Cold-Cured, Closed-Cell foam is smooth to the touch & enhances the textile’s tactile expression.  simply put, it feels good & allows the fabric to move in a subtle manner every time; eliminating the damaging complete compression & rebound cycle. the net result of this via seating proprietary combination of design & process is an extremely resilient, energy absorbing polyurethane foam that recovers 100% from deformation. our foam delivers firm, comfortable, ergonomic support with a soft even feel that distributes contact forces uniformly to minimize pressure points & eliminate user fatigue. this unique process allows us to warrant our foam for 12 years.

metal t-nut inserts offer complete modularity

via seating offers up to 6 different seat sizes & 3 different back sizes on many of its task chairs.  via seating customers can custom specify a product to fit a wide variety of shapes & sizes of people as a result of this range of options.  in addition, the chair uses ‘T Nut’ connectors on the ply wood seat platforms to attach a wide range of arm styles, controls & options.  metal-to-metal connectors secure all components that attach to the aforementioned ply structures.  therefore, there is never a screw directly in to the wood structure.  this means that components are interchangeable.

options can be replaced very easily once the chair has been in service. change out arm styles, add seat slides, add width adjustable arm brackets, all of this is possible with via seating task seating solutions. this makes via seating task seating completely modular, flexible & easy to customize before or after the chair has been installed. via seating understands the demands of facilities & health & safety personnel. via seating task seating is engineered to meet these demands & offers a wide range of solutions for large ergonomic standards programs.

seven layer ply means lasting structural support

via seating sources the best quality components for all chairs.  All via seating task chairs have a minimum of 7 layers of ply to ensure structural integrity.  the combination of via seating‘s unique blend of foam & this superior support platform offers a 12-year warranty.  this superior engineering & construction differentiates via seating from other manufacturers.  in addition, this ply structure has no added formaldehyde. All via seating task chairs have achieved the SCS Gold standard.

specially designed seat trim (one for each seat size)

via seating offers a average of three seat & back sizes for each of its task series. each seat size has a perfect fit, often including a plastic trim component that provides a very clean & appealing aesthetic. via seating has invested in custom tools for each of its seat sizes to ensure this clean look, but the seat trim component available on most task seats also protects the chair in the environment. Another extra quality step that via seating takes to ensure a quality product that will last.

please note: seat trim is not included on petite seats, task (D) seats and the Brisbane HD series.