shown in: momentum boom II toucan (center seat), arc com raya truffle (exterior seats)

lounge benches

Enjoy the sleek, low profile of the Chico benches – designed by Steinar Hindenes, Anders Berg and Peter Knudsento to deliver ample seating space without overpowering the room. These benches were created in two sizes – 40” or 60” long – to answer a variety of space needs. Use them in lounge, lobby, executive guest, reception and welcoming areas or residential places. Elevate a space with the dual upholstery options across their tops and curved edges. Their versatile design allows these benches to easily be paired with other via seating lounge pieces.

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40″ & 60″ bench
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benches:  lobby, lounge/collaborative lounge series


  • designed by Steinar Hindenes, Anders Berg, Peter Knudsen as part of the chico series

  • benches available in 40″ (two-seater) and 60″ (three-seater) lengths

  • metal frame structure with injection molded foam (created with via seating signature comfort)

  • unique upholstery opportunities

  • see options for more customization opportunities

  • weight capacity: 1000lbs (40″ bench) to 2,000lbs (60″ bench)

  • warranty 6 years – see warranty for more details




loop legs, brushed loop legs, polished