terra series

Terra may be our most wallet-friendly ergonomic chair, but in no way does this mean it sacrifices on quality and options. All 3 of Terra’s seat sizes compliment all 3 ratchet backs. Terra’s easy to adjust controls offer posture back, synchro movement and advanced ergo features. The 6 adjustable arm options, many including an adjustable width bracket, ensure comfort in any space. Stool and tall stool kits can be applied.

Customize with an upholstered fabric or leather back.
COM options are also available.

task | drafting stool

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BIFMA LEVEL® 2 certification | VOC+ certification

terra: ergonomic task seating


  • designed by the via seating design team

  • low, mid and high back available

  • drafting stool application

  • five seat sizes: petite to large with via seating signature comfort

  • three control options available: active back, advanced ergo, bio-sync ergo (seat slides also available)

  • see options for more customization opportunities

  • weight capacity: 300lbs. – 350lbs. (based on control used)

  • warranty 12 years (includes foam) – see warranty for more details





3C stool control

3C-11DR, 3C-11XDR

active back

user guide

advanced ergo

user guide

bio-sync ergo

user guide

active back for stool kits

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10A arms10A 18A arms18A 39A arms39A 51A, 52A, 53A arms51A, 52A, 53A
adjustable height, straight upright

user guide 

full function

user guide

adjustable height, roll back feature

user guide

adjustable height, with 4D rotating caps options

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18BB black base


18PB polished base


18BA brushed base


18WB white base


polyurethane, black aluminum, polished aluminum, brushed  aluminum, white