tahoe outdoor collection

Outdoor | Nestled in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range lies Lake Tahoe, as beautiful as it is majestic; both fitting traits for via seating’s newest product line Tahoe, an outdoor game changer. When you think ‘outdoor seating’, you don’t usually associate architecturally pleasing fixtures with an outdoor setting. Your mind is automatically drawn to the old wooden, splinter ridden picnic tables of the early 80’s. Via seating is here to paint a new picture of what outdoor seating should look like – think sleek, clean lines, a visually organic composed product that matches its surroundings, but is made to last for years – sans the splinters. Imagine a product so beautifully crafted that it harnesses the creativity needed to sit down with laptop in tote to open your mind to a new kind of environment; this product is Tahoe – this product was made for the outdoors.

  • Weight Capacity | Varies depending on configuration