swopper® series

Swopper® is the perfect solution for anyone looking to remain comfortable and engaged while sitting. This unique seat supports a healthy back and spine allowing continuous and sturdy 360° and vertical motion. Enhance your seat with Swopper® Air, which uses a unique combination of special, high-tech cushioning and a new, climate-active seat cover. This sits snuggly over 5 layers that provide a more comfortable, breathable, heat-regulating and pressure-relieving seat. Dress up your space with Swopper® Classic, which offers matching springs to your seat. For height adjustable desks, utilize a Swopper® High.

Save your back - sit on a Swopper® today.
Burn up to 400 calories a day sitting actively on a Swopper®!


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BIFMA LEVEL® 2 certification | VOC+ certification
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swopper®: active motion seating


  • designed by Henner Jahns

  • award-winning, motion seating design

  • anthracite and titanium (on select models) bases

  • available at regular (22.0″-27.5″) or high (23.5″-31.0″) height

  • casters available on select models

  • pneumatic height adjustment, spring tension and lateral tensions

  • custom upholstery, ultrasuede seat colors or air (extra-breathable, patented fabric) upholstery

  • see options for more customization opportunities

  • weight capacity: 265lbs.

  • warranty 5 years – see warranty for more details

ultrasuede upholstery colors (with matching springs on swopper® classic)

swopper classic black


swopper classic carbon


swopper blue


swopper red


swopper orange


swopper® air upholstery colors 

swopper air grey


swopper air silver


swopper air green


swopper air red


swopper air details


swopper anthracite baseanthracite swopper anthracite base on rollersanthracite on rollers swopper titanium basetitanium