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Motion | swopper® Saddle - experience multi-dimensional movement! black leather seat, anthracite base with or without wheels. benefits include: • improves posture • combats static sitting & standing • provides relief for back pain • strengthens and conditions muscles of back, abdomen & legs • improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral discs • improves circulation to the lower extremities • assists lymphatic flow • provides a fun and energizing sitting experience



Motion Seating Styles
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swopper® AIR

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Motion Motion  Motion Motion Motion



introducing swopper Saddle

the three-dimensional movement of a swopper + a saddle style chair

Do you want the revolutionary motion of the swopper chair, but in a unique saddle-style seat? Meet the swopper saddle. The swopper saddle with wheels has never been offered in the US before, so you could be the first! Make a statement in this motion chair that has the unique styling of a saddle seat.

swopper Saddle comes with a leather seat and a choice between wheels or no wheels. Ready to ship now!

perfect for;

  • Dental hygienists
  • Doctor exam room
  • Cosmetology/hair dressers
  • Aestheticians and Estheticians
  • Musicians

seat height range

swopper Saddle adds an extra 4″ of seat height compared to the original swopper. This difference, plus the traditional saddle seat, truly tilts the pelvis forward and facilitates an open hip angle.

Loaded seat-height range: 21.625″ – 27.125″

Unloaded seat-height range: 24.5″ – 30″

how can you always keep moving?

Just sit down.

From birth on we are programmed for movement; we need movement for healthy development and a healthy life. Unfortunately our modern daily life demands hours of sitting. Much as we would like to, we at swopper cannot change this – but we can change the way you sit!

The Classic swopper chair configuration has an ultra-suede seat with the coordinating spring color. Weight capacity is 290 lbs

your body cries out for activity. take heed of it.

The swopper chair is the first ergonomic office chair in the world to move in all three dimensions. For dynamic, ergonomic sitting. The function, design and engineering of the swopper have won many awards. However, our greatest reward is that the swopper chair fulfills your individual needs. Every second you sit on it. And move on it.

when you sit on a swopper chair you…

  • strengthen your back
  • train your muscles
  • breathe deeper
  • improve your concentration
  • stimulate your circulation
  • have fun sitting and working

good circulation. good mood.

Sitting on the swopper Saddle chair makes you straighten the upper part of your body, which frees the diaphragm, helping you breathe deeper and stimulate circulation. The result is better performance and higher concentration. Apart from that, bouncing up and down is good for the mind and soul – because it is pure, simple fun.

always in motion.

By keeping balance on the sprung seat your body is always slightly in motion. Since the swopper chair can tilt towards your working surface, there is no longer any need to hunch your back.

training for your muscles.

Your entire body is slightly in motion all the time on the swopper, so practically all muscle groups remain active and well supplied with blood. The entire musculoskeletal or locomotor system is strengthened and can better keep your back upright. An active back cannot tense up and causes no pain.

keeping ligaments and joints fit.

Moving your joints, even when sitting, stimulates the formation of synovia (joint fluid). This prevents arthritis and tightens the ligaments and tendons. In this way you can avert joint diseases.

the age-old problem: straitjacketed sitting.

Life means motion. The human body is not made for staying in one and the same position for hours on end. No wonder that almost 80% of the population of industrial nations suffer from backache. On a conventional office chair your body is locked in a seat pan between two armrests and the backrest and has to adapt to the inflexibility of the seat. The result: hunched back, tension, pain.

the solution: sit your way free!

The ergonomic, sprung, active swopper swivel chair adapts itself to you – not vice versa. Thanks to its worldwide unique flexibility, the swopper chair provides active sitting in three dimensions: backwards, forwards, sideways and up and down too. This dynamic supports and encourages healthy sitting in ever changing positions. Scientific studies confirm that on the swopper chair you move twice as much as on conventional seats.

6 powerful arguments for the swopper:

1. always sitting properly.

By keeping balance on the sprung seat your body is always slightly in motion. The frequent change of position animates you to adopt different postures. You automatically sit up straight more often. The joint in the spring strut permits the swopper chair to tilt towards your working surface. This means: you no longer need to hunch your back and your spine retains its natural S shape.

2. good for the intervertebral discs.

Sitting upright, and constant changing of posture, mean that your intervertebral discs are loaded in parallel at alternating pressure points. They are not squashed on one side for hours on end through hunching your back. This is important for the elasticity, resilience and health of the intervertebral discs.

3. Training for the muscles.

Since your entire body is slightly in motion all the time on the swopper chair, practically all muscle groups remain active and well supplied with blood. The entire musculoskeletal or locomotor system is strengthened and can better keep your back upright. An active back cannot tense up and causes no pain.

5. avoid vein problems.

The swopper chair is effective against vein problems in two aspects: thanks to its arched seat there are no pressure points on the underside of your thighs and congestion is prevented. Furthermore, the sitting and moving on the swopper stimulates active transport of the blood to the heart via the muscles of the so-called calf pump.

5. keeping ligaments and joints fit.

Moving your joints stimulates the formation of synovia (joint fluid). This helps to lubricate the joints. Static pressure on the joints through hours of rigid sitting or standing, for example squeezes out the synovia and the cartilages rub against each other. Nature has built our body to use our joints slightly all the time. This tightens the ligaments and tendons, which helps avert joint diseases. The active functions of the swopper chair and Muvman stool keep your joints fit and healthy.

6. stimulation of circulation and mood.

Sitting on the swopper chair makes you straighten the upper part of your body. This frees the diaphragm so that you breathe deeper, the supply of oxygen to the blood is improved and your circulation is stimulated. You are more alert, concentrating better and have optimal performance. Apart from that, bouncing up and down is not only good for your organs, but also for your mind and soul. The result: you will have a whole lot of fun with the swopper chair.






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