sienna series

Customize your lounge space with Sienna’s modular system. Play with two arm styles, a solid, universal arm and sweeping club arm. Both can apply a natural maple or black tablet to match the option of black or maple wood feet. Each piece of injection molded foam surrounding a metal frame is completely modular making future replacement possible.

Oh, and it’s ready to ship in 48 hours too.

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sienna single chair sienna double chair sienna triple chair
single chair
double chair
triple chair


sienna: modular lounge


  • designed by the via seating engineering, product & development teams

  • timeless design perfect for healthcare, break areas and lounge spaces

  • club or universal arm

  • single, double and triple seat typical configurations

  • modular, self-imagined solutions

  • see options for more customization opportunities

  • weight capacity: 300lbs. (typical single), 600lbs. (typical double), 900lbs. (typical triple)

  • warranty 6 years (includes foam) – see warranty for more details


club arms95-L, 95-R universal arms95-U
club universal


18BB black base9BF 18PB polished base9MF 18BA brushed base9CAST
black feet maple feet casters (universal arm, single seat only)