oyo® series

Contemporary, functional design that will move your mind, body & spirit. The oyo® is not only stylish, but also versatile. In the conference room, collaborative office spaces, libraries, higher education or at home – the oyo® adds style & motion through its timeless & dynamic design. oyo® is highly functional, technologically advanced & ergonomic. The oyo® is the world’s first combination of a saddle seat, shell chair & rocking chair. A completely new way of sitting which invites you to move more and assume various sitting positions. oyo® is new, daring & unique. oyo® – The Chair.


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3dee black frame 3dee chrome frame
oyo living


oyo®: The Chair, motion


  • high-quality polyamide shell with 30% glass-fibre reinforcement

  • sleek metal structure rocking base with a rigid frame (no seams or joints)

  • up to 5cm thick integral foam padding under the seat cover

  • 7 seat colors: 4 regular microfiber, 3 “oyo living” felt

  • universal skids for all floor types

  • see options for more customization opportunities

  • weight capacity: 265lbs.

  • warranty 3 years – see warranty for more details


upholstery colors

oyo graphite


oyo kiwi green

kiwi green

oyo red


oyo pacific blue

pacific blue

oyo dark grey felt

dark grey felt

oyo light grey felt

light grey felt

oyo curry

curry felt