shown in: camira landscape contact (chair exterior & seat) & camira mainline flax archway (chair interior)

edge series

The Edge collection offers a generous, comfortable seat nestled within a fully upholstered back and arm frame structure. Choose from four swivel bases (height adjustable) perfect for a conference or break out room. Select a brushed disk or polished 4-star metal base - each with return-to-center function and fixed height - perfect for lounge, guest or lobby seating. Go for a more resimercial look with a luscious, dark wood 4-star base. Further customize by specifying different colors, textures and patterns of fabric or leather to the interior and exterior of this chair. Now you have a sophisticated seating series that is as versatile as you need it to be.

Be on the Edge of innovation.

executive guest | lounge | collaborative lounge | lobby | conference

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edge: lobby, lounge/collaborative lounge and executive guest seating


  • designed by the via seating engineering, product & development teams

  • fully upholstered, metal frame structure with injection molded foam

  • separate seat for contrasting upholstery options with via seating signature comfort

  • two control options: swivel (height adjustable) and return to center control

  • four base options: disk and four leg metal (with return to center control), swivel height adjustable and swivel with fixed height wood frame base

  • weight capacity: 400lbs

  • warranty 6 years – see warranty for more details


18BB black base


18PB polished base


18BA brushed base


18WB white base


polyurethane, black aluminum, polished aluminum, brushed  aluminum, white




4 star swivel base with auto return, polished disk base with auto return, brushed 4 leg wood base, walnut