chico series

Where contemporary design meets European style, Chico is born, a versatile series mixing soft angles and bold lines. Chico makes a statement and it does so comfortably. Enjoy settling back into a thick layer of injection molded foam over sturdy metal framework. Kick your feet up on a companion ottoman, also available with a polished 4 leg swivel base or brushed disk base each with auto return. Rest on one of Chico's 40" or 60" benches - toting 1000lb and 2000lb weight capacities respectively.

Opportunities to play with creative colors and patterns guaranteed.

guest | lounge

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guest chair
40″ & 60″ bench


chico:  lobby, lounge/collaborative lounge series


  • designed by Steinar Hindenes, Anders Berg, Peter Knudsen

  • open angle lounge chair with ottoman and matching bench (benches available in 40″ and 60″ lengths)

  • metal frame structure with injection molded foam (created with via seating signature comfort)

  • return to center control (on both chair and ottoman)

  • two base options (on chair and ottoman): disk and four leg metal

  • contrasting upholstery opportunities with contemporary pattern design

  • see options for more customization opportunities

  • weight capacity: 300lbs (chair) to 2,000lbs (60″ bench)

  • warranty 6 years – see warranty for more details

guest chair
40″ & 60″ benches
300lbs weight capacity
300lbs weight capacity
40″ bench: 1000lbs weight capacity
60″ bench: 2000lbs weight capacity
4 leg base (955-4POL)
4 leg base (945-4POL)
40″ bench (974)
disk base (955-3DISK)
disk base (955-2DISK)
60″ bench (976)
important note: via seating is actively undergoing an internal measurement audit remeasuring and reweighing our chairs to the 2018 BIFMA measurement standards. Please look for refined updates falling within those guidelines soon.

chair & ottoman bases



4 leg swivel base with auto return, polished disk base with auto return, brushed (3DISK for chair, 2DISK for ottoman)

bench bases



loop legs, brushed loop legs, polished