astro series

Astro soars forward and breaks the mold by delivering a unique, interactive sitting experience like no other. Play with its rock, swivel and sway motion. It offers an opportunity to center one’s self from any angle. Astro has presence and offers multiple textile options to be designed to fit any environment or design concept. Its high back design offers privacy and perfectly frames one within it. The comfortable, nest like seat is ideal for some quiet reflection or simply taking some time out.

motion-lounge | collaborative | lobby | executive guest

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BIFMA LEVEL® 2 certification | VOC+ certification
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astro: interactive motion lobby, lounge/collaborative series



  • swivel only (360° swivel)
    • choice of return-to-center or non return-to-center
  • rock (back & forth), sway (side-to-side) & swivel (360° swivel)
    • choice of return-to-center or non return-to-center


33POL black base 33BLK black base
4-leg base,
polished finish,
fixed height
4-leg base,
black matte finish,
fixed height