3dee® active office chair

Motion | The most innovative chair in the world- 3Dee Active-Office-Chair. The 3Dee Active-Office-Chair is the first of its kind & the result of absolute consistency – in engineering just as in design. Its 3D movement – horizontal, vertical & forward tilt – is designed to deliver more well being, more energy, more balance, but most of all more motion. Its attractive design will please all those for whom the office is not just a workplace, but also a creative living space.

• 2014 – Healthcare Design Conference – Nightingale Silver Award
• 2014 – National Ergonomics Conference – People’s Choice Award

  • Weight Capacity | 3Dee | 265lbs

  • the aeris motion concept | move, naturally

    Not all movement is healthy. Monotonous movements, abrupt movements, too much movement & unnatural movements can stress the body. That’s why the 3Dee® Active-Office-Chair motion concept was developed with health experts, chiropractors, & doctors. The 3Dee® concept is different. It’s patented, it works…..& it feels good!

    the 3Dee® is the result of absolute consistency | in engineering as well as in design

    It makes for a sustainable change of office life: More well-being, higher energy, better balance. With 9 patents, such as the patented 3D technology, sets 3Dee® apart from regular ergonomic office chairs. It supports & encourages movements to the side, forward, backward & even vertical swinging. In addition, the comfortable, semi-high back comes with individually adjustable lumbar support – ideal for conscious relaxation in between. With it’s sleek design, the 3Dee® chair is as appealing to look at as it is comfortable to sit on.

    the specifics

    • seat width – 18.1” seat depth – 18.1”
    • back width – 17” back height – 16.9”
    • height range – basic spring – 16.5” – 22”
    • base diameter – 29.5” chair weight capacity – 290lbs
    • chair weight – 44lbs overall chair height – 43.3” (includes backrest)
    • casters – universal locking safety casters
    • upholstery – microfiber fabric

    height adjustment

    With the lever under the seat you can adjust the height. The open angle of the legs should be slightly above 90° & we recommend that the height of the desk be adjusted where possible.

    spring tension

    You can adjust the extent of vertical movement to suit your weight & personal preference. The optimum setting is when you can move freely up & down without resting on the bottom stop. For adjusting the spring hardness we recommend care – fully turning over the seat & leaning it on the backrest.

    adjustment: Screw the sleeve on the spring strut to the left – for maximum vertical movement/low weight. Screw the sleeve to the right (observe ‘stop’ mark!) – for reduced vertical movement/more weight.

    How to assemble your  3Dee Chair video.

    backrest tension

    Use the butterfly nut under the seat to adjust the tension of the backrest. Turn the butterfly nut to the left in the’ –‘ direction (about 10 –15 times) for a softer setting with less tension. Turn the butterfly nut to the right in the ‘+’ direction (about 10 to 15 times) for a harder setting with more tension.

    lateral flexibility

    We recommend starting off with a setting for reduced sideways movement & later adjusting the setting to provide as much sitting movement as possible.
    Adjustment: Carefully turn over the 3Dee & lay it on the backrest. Turn the hand-wheel to the left for more sideways movement & to the right for less sideways movement.

    Using the lever on the inside of the backrest bar on the right, you can continually adjust the curve of the lumbar support to suit your physique & personal preference.

    adjustment: Sit on the chair without resting against the backrest & grasp the adjusting bar of the backrest left & right with both hands. Press the lever on the inside on the right, & move the adjusting bar up or down into the required position.



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