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corporate overview

via seating is dedicated to the sweet spot of seating – great chairs that are easy to get from people who are passionate about the customer experience.

via seating, located in Sparks Nevada – just outside Reno – was founded in 1987 by a very progressive individual who had the dream of manufacturing high quality seating: every chair, every option, every fabric, every leather – ready to ship in 48 hours.

No one had ever heard of such a radical concept – some companies had a quick ship program made up of a small sample of product available in black, blue or brown – but nothing as extensive and ambitious as this driven individual had in mind.  The founder of the company was Thomas Sorensen. via seating has been in business for close to 30 years and have always specialized in high quality, comfortable, ergonomic seating products. This dedicated focus exclusively on seating benefits in the research and development, production and delivery of the best quality seating solutions at a very competitive price. There’s a science behind via seating’s proprietary cushion molds that encourages optimal sitting positions. So while others chairs may look similar, they simply don’t offer the initial or long-term comfort, you feel from a via seating chair.

Today via seating is seen as a very high quality seating specialist that ships a wide range of executive, management, conference, task, guest/occasional and lobby seating.  via seating is also the exclusive distributor for motion seating products from our German partner aeris GmbH, the world leader in the motion seating category.

ready to ship in 48 hours today means:

20/48 – 20 chairs produced in each 48 hour period – Limited to in-stock fabrics and leathers.  Limited to selected options, no custom configurations, finishes or fire rated products (TB-133)
10/48 – 10 chairs produced in each 48 hour period – All models, all options and any in stock fabric and leather.  COM/COL – 48 hours start when we receive the fabric or leather.
5/48 – 5 chairs produced in each 48 hour period – Lounge seating – all options.

Customer demand for high quality seating shipped quick exceeds expectations.  Over the past number of years via seating’s growth rate has afforded the opportunity to expand production efforts to include highly automated, state of the art manufacturing processes complete with a highly efficient inventory management and shipping system.  To date via seating has produced over half a million ergonomic task and executive chairs for customers all over North America.

via seating product development process is driven by sourcing and developing high-quality components. Details like drawstring assembly and hand-steaming of seat fabrics to deliver consistent quality finishing, help differentiate via seating’s products. In addition, via seating’s production crew take enormous pride in their work and that can also be seen in the quality of products produced.  People who care with can-do attitudes are passionate about the customer experience and it shows.

via seating believes chairs are the single most important factor that impact health and wellness at work. We at via seating also believe ergo chairs don’t have to be ugly. We take our responsibility for ergonomics very seriously, it’s an art and science we are passionate about. Our chairs are designed with optimum support, intuitive movement and ease of adjustment, and built with quality components.

Patriotism runs deep at via seating. Our chairs are manufactured in Sparks, Nevada. U.S. military veterans are integral to our workforce. The hands of a veteran touch every chair— we think that’s good for everyone.

via seating’s commitment to invest in quality improvements and dedication to maintain a quick turn-around time, enables via seating to continue to meet the demands of customers in our ever evolving work place today!