great chairs are consciously built


At via seating, we understand that great chairs are consciously built. This is at the forefront of our minds from the design phase to a chair’s end of life. Throughout the chair production process, we are consistently reducing green house gas emissions, reducing water use and reducing solid waste. We use materials that are environmentally-friendly and safe for use. Our result is safe and sustainable, great chairs.


-limited water usage


Water is a precious commodity for everyone, especially in the high desert valley surrounding Sparks, Nevada –  our home base. With this in mind, we figured out how to eliminate all H2O beyond the measured amount we use to steam wrinkles out of the final, upholstered product. Every. Drop. Counts


safe product usage


We at via seating are committed to using products that are safe for the environment as well as the individuals who use them. As a standard practice in our dFe program, we work consistently to identify hazardous chemicals and eliminate them from our products.

hazardous chemicals we do not use in via seating products include:

  • hazardous phthalates

  • hexavalent chromium

  • ozone depletors

  • PBDE fire retardants

  • PVC

-use of recyclable materials-


We intentionally use products, which are highly recyclable in nature. This includes aluminum, steel, polyurethane and nylon. This also includes our shipping materials: corrugated cardboard and a polyethylene bag.


-testing & certification-


99% of via seating Product is BIFMA LEVEL® 2 certified by Intertek, an independent testing laboratory. The only exception is ReGOLA panels, which are BIFMA LEVEL® 1 certified by Intertek.

  • LEVEL®, BIFMA’s sustainability certification program for furniture, certifications here.

  • VOC+ certifications here.

All via seating products meet:

  • ANSI/BIFMA M7.1-2011 Low Emitting Furniture as certified by Intertek.

  • Low Emitting Furniture credits 7.6.1 or 7.6.2 of ANSI/BIFMA e3-2011e.

-LEED® certifications-


via seating Executive & Task Seating contributes to the following LEED® Commercial Interiors Certifications:


building design & construction (BD+C)

  • Materials & Resources, Credit 4.1 Recycled Content

  • Materials & Resources, Credit 5.1 Regional Materials

  • MRpc 80: enviromentally preferred furniture

interior design & construction (ID+C)

  • Indoor Environmental Air Quality, Credit 4.5 Low-Emitting Materials—Systems Furniture & Seating

  • Pilot Credit 80 Environmentally Preferable Furniture


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