• Sienna Single Club (front)
  • Sienna Single Club (front 3/4)
  • Sienna Single Club (side)
  • Sienna Single Club (back)

Sienna Lounge Seating With Club Arm (Single, Double, Triple)

Modular lounge seating ready to ship in 48 hours. Sienna is comfortable, functional and offers a wide range of options to create custom solutions. This lounge seating system is metal frame construction with injection molded foam surrounding the frame. It is completely modular in that each component is cleverly engineered to fit together easily. This means replacement of components after it is in service is possible. Sienna has two different arm styles to choose from both of which can accommodate a tablet arm. Duo upholstery options are also available.

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sienna-single-club-dims sienna-double-club-dims sienna-tripple-club-dims


  • -9BF Black Finish (Standard) Feet
  • -9MF Natural Maple Wood Base Feet
  • -21TB133 TB-133
  • -9CAST Casters Single Seat (Universal Arm Only)
  • (Set of Four)
  • (Only available on single seat units with universal arms)
  • -TB Tablet Arm Black
  • -TM Tablet Arm Maple