Heathrow Mid Scale High Back – 9903

Executive / Management - This series from Via was originally designed as a ‘Big and Tall’ executive chair solution and has had success in meeting the needs of this specific requirement. Heathrow also delivers carefully tailored, executive class styling with this heavy duty application. As a result of this initial success, Via now offers a mid-scale version of this high back, that embodies the same classic styling. Both models have the same aesthetic appeal and offer several different arm styles. Options are available to custom specify this solution including metal bases, or mechanical lumbar.



Full Scale High Back

Mid Scale High Back
Executive / Conference Executive / Conference
2a-arm 7a-arm 10a7-arm
Open Arm
-2A Non Upholstered
-4A o Full Upholstered COM Add – .75 yd.
COL Add – 2.25 sq. ft.
 Full Upholstered Arm-7A Fixed Arm

COM Add – 1.0 yd.
COL Add – 16.0 sq. ft.

 -10A7 Adjustable
Height Arm









13a-14a-arm 80a-90a-arm
 Open Arm-13A Non Upholstered
-14A o Full Upholstered COM Add – .75 yd.
COL Add – 7.50 sq. ft.
 C Arm-80A Non Upholstered
-90A o Full Upholstered COM Add – 1.25 yd.
COL Add – 8.0 sq. ft.









9c-10c-control-line-art 11c-control-line-art
  • 15SC  Hard Floor Casters
  • -15GL  Glides
  • 11PB   Polished Aluminum Base
  • -11BA Brushed Aluminum Base
  • -15AB o Adj. Width Bracket  (10A7 Only. N/A on 32C)
  • -21TB133 o Fire Rated Products
  • -12-LUM-E  Mechanical Lumbar (Split Shell Only)
  • 1CRC  Conference Control (11C Only)
  • Black Nylon Base (Standard)


 -9C/-10C Syncro Control With
Side Tension AdjustmentControl Hang Tag
-11C Single Position
Knee Tilt ControlControl Hang Tag